A photograph of Rob Hesketh
Rob Hesketh Ruby Developer - HTML/CSS/JavaScript - .NET Development London, United Kingdom


I am a Ruby on Rails developer, I have been writing and delivering software for 7 years. I have been working for 4 years exclusively with Ruby on Rails and Sinatra-based projects.

I have experience working with both external clients and internal users in many areas including Finance, Advertising, Energy Supply and Airport Management.

I am based in London, England and hold a full British passport, but I am also able to work remotely where necessary.

Core Competencies

  1. Ruby on Rails (including related frameworks such as Sinatra)
  2. HTML and CSS (including Haml and Sass)
  3. RSpec and Cucumber testing frameworks
  4. Client-side JavaScript (and jQuery)
  5. Agile development and planning (including Kanban, Scrum etc)
  6. Linux/Unix server administration
  7. SQL and NoSQL database administration (MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB)
  8. Amazon Web Services (EC2, S3, RDS, Elastic Domains)
  9. .NET Windows application development

Employment History

Forward 3D
November 2013 - Present

Working as part of an in-house dev team I developed and maintained a large Rails applications for internal users, as well as data gathering services to interface with external clients. I also led the development of some smaller systems, such as internal document management, activity auditing and data retrieval applications used by hundreds of internal users and external clients as part of their daily workload.

uSwitch for Business
October 2012 - November 2013

At uSwitchForBusiness I was responsible for developing and maintaining the complete software pipeline, from public-facing websites to desktop software used by call centre staff. As part of the New Development Team I helped to design and build a web-based replacement for a .NET Desktop app which allowed staff to perform their job more quickly and easily.

Lyagushka (Contract)
October 2011 - October 2012

At Lyagushka I worked as part of a team to develop and maintain trading software used by Private Equity firms trading in London, Moscow and the Cayman Islands. The bespoke software platform we provided was used by our client to oversee millions of pounds worth of trades annually, tracking all aspects of the client's operations including investments and daily trading activities.

Ultra Electronics Airport Systems
August 2010 - October 2011

At Ultra Electronics I oversaw the deployment and maintenance of industry-leading SCADA building management software used by Heathrow Airport and Dublin Airport. As well as liasing with clients to discuss maintenance issues and relay development updates I was responsible for the installation of new software builds on site and maintenance of existing installations. I also developed in-house software tools to assist with testing of new software builds.

Contact Me

If you'd like to get in touch, my email address is [email protected] If you'd prefer to speak on the phone my number is 0203 769 1026.

My GitHub username is RHesketh and I'm also on Twitter as @RobAHesketh